This is how students get make up work scored:

Students make notebooks with page numbers. Then a student can communicate that they want me to check a particular assignment by telling me the page numbers they want me to look at. A student can do this in two ways. They can either circle the page number in their notebook’s table of contents or they can put a piece of paper with the page numbers and assignment titles on it inside the front cover of their notebook. Then they leave their notebook with me.

I don't accept loose papers. Upon request I will provide a folder for students to leave their late papers in. Their assignments must be placed in order by page number in this folder. Students must also communicate to me what they put in this folder. This will be done by placing a piece of paper on top of their organized work. Students will need to write page numbers and titles of the assignments they need scored on this paper.

Students will not be allowed to avoid the organization system that Science Notebooks provide.

More details if the above isn't clear:

There is a procedure for getting missing or improved work scored. Science notebooks are an organization and communication system. Students are instructed to organize their work by page number. I provide them with one 70 page spiral notebook a semester for this purpose, but they can use any notebook they choose. Students are also supposed to write the title of each assignment in the table of contents in the front of their notebook. When they want to communicate to me that they have missing or improve worked to be scored, they simply circle the page numbers in their table of contents that they want me to look at and leave their notebook on my desk.

Again, students should circle the page numbers in their table of contents that they want scored and leave their notebook on my desk. If a student's table of contents is missing, They can put a piece of paper inside the front cover of their notebook with the page numbers on it that they want scored.

All assignments and materials to do most of them can be found at the following link. I usually add assignments daily by 5pm. This page can also be used to see if assignments are complete. Just click on the assignment titles to see the content and details.
Second Semester assignments:

With this classwork improvement system, students can choose the percentage they earn on their classwork.

How Classwork is normally scored:

Students do not turn in individual pages of work. The number of stamps a student has earned for an assignment is recorded on a record sheet during assignment improvement and assignment make up days. The scores for assignments that students are unable to show on these days don’t get recorded. Students also compare their work to others students on these days to get ideas/feedback on how to improve their work.