What three things are required for photosynthesis to occur?

What do plants get from photosynthesis?

What is the waste product of photosynthesis?

Something the plant will need to get rid of?

What is sugar and oxygen used for in the mitochondria?

Where is DNA located in the cell?

What are the structures inside the nucleus called?

What has to occur for an object to be seen?

Sketch the electromagnetic spectrum and indicate where visible light is located?

What type of electromagnetic wave has the longest wavelength?

How does light travel until it strikes a different substance?

What three things can happen to light when is strikes an object?

What is occurring when parallel rays of light are spread apart by a prism?

What do lenses do to parallel rays of light?

What does the convex lenses do in a microscope?

What happens to light when it is reflected by the inside surfaces of a prism?

What happens to white light when it is refracted by a prism?

Draw the law of reflection.

What is a tissue?

What is an organ?

What is an organ system?

Draw a tissue?

Draw an organ?

Draw an organ system?

Show how to convert 300 cm to meters.

Convert 4.32 g to kgs