2nd Chapter Section 1 Part B Reading Guide
(Copy and Complete or answer and write questions Cornell style)
(EM = Electromagnetic)

1 ……can transfer energy without a medium
2 ……waves transfer electrical and magnetic energy
3 EM waves consist of…
4 EM waves move through……at…
5 Light is an …… wave.
6 A moving electric charge produces a magnetic field & vice versa.
7 …… & ….. constantly cause each other to change.
8 …… & ….. vibrate at right angles to each other.
9 The …… & …… produce electromagnetic waves so you can see them.
10 All EM waves travel at …… in a vacuum
11 The higher the …… of an EM wave, the higher its energy.
12 The …… is the complete range of EM waves placed in order
13 The Electromagnetic spectrum is made up of….
14 Longest EM wavelengths =
15 Shortest EM wavelengths =
16 EM waves that feel warm =
17 Electromagnetic waves you can see =
18 Burns skin & produces Vitamin D =
19 Can penetrate most matter =
20 Highest energy and most damaging =

2.1B Summary
Write the two summary paragraphs as describe below.
Summary paragraphs have:
A topic sentence
A concluding sentence.

Part 1: Write a paragraph that contains general facts about electromagnetic waves.
This paragraph should contain four to six facts. Items 1 to 11 above contain these facts or textbook page 42.
A topic sentence you could use is, " Electromagnetic waves are interesting.

Part 2: Write a paragraph about the electromagnetic spectrum. This spectrum is divided into seven parts based on frequency. These different frequencies can be used for different things. Your paragraph should contain at least 7 facts one fact for each of the seven ranges of frequencies.
A topic sentence you could use would is,
"The electromagnetic spectrum has different frequencies and wavelengths that allow them to be used in different ways.